Messenger Marketing for the Service Based Business.

Bee more human with your online marketing, sales & customer support.

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Gain a powerful edge with automation that allows you to generate qualified buyer/seller leads, showcase your listings, etc all in messenger.


Get more customers through your clinic, studio or club with automation that set’s appointments, books consults broadcasts your content & more.  


Sell more products, share more deals/offers or showcase your stores inventory all in the place customers can quickly do business with you.


Become The Center Of Your Customer’s Attention.

More than 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month on Messenger, both automated and people. You can use Messenger to reach people at scale, then continue to interact with each of them individually. 

Open Rates vs. Email
at 20% 

More Click-Through  
Rates Than Email

Active Users (Billion)

Your Gateway To Better Business.  

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Communicate more effectively using these powerful messaging growth tools.


Automate your customer support, lead generation & sales with your own messenger bot, all in the messenger platform.


Allow your customers to schedule sessions, appointments or calls efficiently using a built-in app integration.  


Unlike email, use messaging broadcasts to promote your content, social posts, promo’s, etc. The best part? Your customers receive it immediately & respond to it faster.


Send your digital media right to you customer in the place consumers are viewing it the most: messenger. Videos, images, GIF’s & more for enhancing your businesses message. 

Messaging, Enhanced.

100+ Integrations For Fueling Your Automation. 

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The Industries Best Are Using
Messenger Marketing.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our industry peers say:

This game-changing communication tool, helped my brand attract thousands of new leads within just a few days. 

Molly Pittman

Digital Marketer

We acquired 11,000 new Messenger subscribers in a week, with costs ranging from $0.13 to $0.36. 

Sean Simpson

Soul Space Media

This has helped me effectivley reach my audience where they’re already are…and get a great response doing so.

Jeff Wenberg

Wenberg Media

Why Messenger Bee? 

Because we believe in a world where commerce is conducted not just because it’s the way it’s always been done –  but, where commerce is done by facilitating how consumers (humans) already interact…through real, personal and relationship-focused means. Not only does this make life better for both the business and customer, it’s just the right way to do business. Messenger Bee was founded on this principle, and we will work to partner with businesses that believe the same, while educating others in an age where, we no longer have a choice but to innovate. Thank you for considering Messenger Bee as your partner in the next wave of marketing automation solutions.  

Matt Martinez, CEO & Founder

Messenger Bee | Martinez Media

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A Few Common Questions.

Understand why messenger marketing is on track to becoming the dominant channel of communication between businesses and businesses. 

What is Messenger

Messaging automation uses your existing Facebook Page that sends out messages and responds to users automatically using a more personal, dynamic functionality far more efficiently then any digital communication tool available today.

What can a Messenger Automation do?

The basic functionality lets you welcome new users, send them content, schedule posts, set up keyword auto-responses (text, pictures, menus), automatically broadcast your RSS feed and much more.

Why do I need a Messenger Automation?

Every day it’s becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media is so noisy you can barely see your own posts. Facebook Messenger automation solves this problem by providing a private channel of communication with each user. It’s instant, interactive, and no message is ever lost.

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